What Should Be Included In Your Cleaning?

What Should Be Included In Your Cleaning

Having a clear picture of what cleaning services do and don’t do is crucial to the experience being a good one. It’s very common for services to offer a guarantee for their work, but not refunds, so make sure you have a clear understanding of what they do and don’t do.


Do’s (The basics)

Dust all accessible surfaces.

Clean the exterior of all appliances.

Sweep, vacuum and mop all accessible floors.

Clean and sanitize all sinks, toilets, tubs, showers and counters.

Change linens.

Consolidate garbage.


Clean the inside of a fireplace. This requires a different kind of professional.

Pick up clutter and toys.Decluttering before the service arrives ensures they can access everything and that you get what you are paying for.

Laundry. Some services offer this as an add on or special package, but most companies do not do laundry in a basic recurring visit. You will need to inquire if this is a service you need.

Wash dishes. An empty sink will be cleaned and sanitized, but a sink full of dishes typically won’t be cleaned. Inquire with the company to find out if dishes are included in the service. Some services may offer to load the dishwasher, but some do not.

Clean up of pet accidents. Make sure your home is free of pet accidents so all your flooring can be cleaned. It is highly unusual for a company to accommodate cleaning up after pet accidents.

Window washing. Some companies may offer this as an add on, but it isn’t always offered. Many companies will outsource window cleaning to a window cleaning company and the reason being, is because they know window companies know window cleaning, just as cleaning companies know the cleaning aspect.

Carpet cleaning. Same as with the window washing, this may be outsourced to someone specifically trained for this type of cleaning or it could be something offered as an add on.

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