What Should Be Included In Your Cleaning?

What Should Be Included In Your Cleaning

Having a clear picture of what cleaning services do and don’t do is crucial to the experience being a good one. It’s very common for services to offer a guarantee for their work, but not refunds, so make sure you have a clear understanding of what they do and don’t do.


Do’s (The basics)

Dust all accessible surfaces.

Clean the exterior of all appliances.

Sweep, vacuum and mop all accessible floors.

Clean and sanitize all sinks, toilets, tubs, showers and counters.

Change linens.

Consolidate garbage.


Clean the inside of a fireplace. This requires a different kind of professional.

Pick up clutter and toys.Decluttering before the service arrives ensures they can access everything and that you get what you are paying for.

Laundry. Some services offer this as an add on or special package, but most companies do not do laundry in a basic recurring visit. You will need to inquire if this is a service you need.

Wash dishes. An empty sink will be cleaned and sanitized, but a sink full of dishes typically won’t be cleaned. Inquire with the company to find out if dishes are included in the service. Some services may offer to load the dishwasher, but some do not.

Clean up of pet accidents. Make sure your home is free of pet accidents so all your flooring can be cleaned. It is highly unusual for a company to accommodate cleaning up after pet accidents.

Window washing. Some companies may offer this as an add on, but it isn’t always offered. Many companies will outsource window cleaning to a window cleaning company and the reason being, is because they know window companies know window cleaning, just as cleaning companies know the cleaning aspect.

Carpet cleaning. Same as with the window washing, this may be outsourced to someone specifically trained for this type of cleaning or it could be something offered as an add on.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment.

Preparation is key for a great experience.

At your first cleaning appointment you should be able to expect professional and respectful service. Prepping areas so that the cleaning technicians can get to everything you want cleaned is vital. Most companies will not move clutter and shuffle piles of paperwork around to get to an area. Make sure all areas being cleaned are clear of clutter prior to your appointment.

Your service provider should send you a document that’s known as the Customer Guidelines. This will  help you greatly with understanding what they move, what they don’t move as well as other little things that perhaps you didn’t think to ask about.

Some quick hints to help you prepare:

  1. Make sure sinks are clear of dishes (most professional services do not include dishes in their scope of work.)
  2. Strip bedding. If your company makes the bed with clean linens when you come, try to have the bed stripped for them. This enables them to spend less time on bedding and more time on cleaning.
  3. Put toys away. Pet and children’s toys can present a risk to vacuums. Many a Lego have seen the end of their days this way.
  4. Clothing picked up from flooring. If you have a teenager who can’t seem to hit the basket, make sure they know to get their clothing up the evening prior to cleaning so that their floor can be vacuumed.
  5. Most cleaning companies will insist on only lightly dusting desks. This is due to there typically being personal billing and documents in piles. If you want your desk thoroughly dusted when they come, be sure to put this type of stuff away so your cleaners feel more comfortable cleaning the space.
  6. Be quick to give feedback. Especially early in a relationship with a cleaning service, they greatly depend on feedback from you to make your experience a good one. Every home, spaces within the home and people living there are different from others. It can take 2-3 visits before your cleaning crew has a set routine. This is the crucial time to let them know if they’re missing something so that correction can become part of their routine within the home going forward.

The Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service

 Why everyone should consider hiring a cleaning service.

There are many benefits to hiring a cleaning service. Here are the top 5 reasons.


Bacteria and Germs.

Regular cleaning with a professional cleaning service helps minimize germs and bacteria in your home.

Cleaning Supplies.

No need for closets full of supplies when you use a cleaning service. Save money on cleaners and equipment.

More free time.

After a long week of work or school, who wants to spend all weekend cleaning. Let the professionals handle everything. Spend more time with your family and friends doing the things you enjoy.

Pet odors reduced.

Regular cleaning helps reduce odors in your home. Professional cleanings remove pet hair and dander which is also good for allergies. Sanitizing accident residue decreases odors as well.

Less stress.

Coming home to a clean home gives you a feeling of peace. The worry of cleaning taken away allows you to relax and enjoy yourself.