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Referrals that you send us can earn you a free gift. If you refer a client and they book recurring weekly or biweekly cleaning, you can earn a free cleaning or another gift of your choice! Refer us for monthly recurring or a One Time clean and you can also receive a free gift!

Weekly/Biweekly recurring gifts are issued to you upon the completion of the referred clients 4th cleaning. One time and monthly gifts are issued upon completion of the initial cleaning on the referral clients home.

Referral Gift Options for Weekly & Biweekly Referrals

Gift Card Cleaning Credit for one free regular recurring cleaning

$100 Gift Card Cleaning Credit towards a Deluxe Cleaning

60 minute massage with Affordable Spa Services, LLC (Marshall St. Richmond)

​$50 Visa Gift Card

Referral Gift Options for Monthly & One Time Referrals

$25 Gift Card Cleaning Credit 

$25 Visa Gift Card

$25 Cold Stone Creamery Gift Card

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